Join Us on August 31, 2017  Educating, Supporting and Providing Community Awareness- OVERDOSE AWARENESS DAY

We are a 501(c) 3 non profit

The Addicts Family is an informational  website on Addiction. It is a place to share  elation for those that are in recovery, encouraging words for those struggling in re-lapse, and memories of our loved ones who have lost the battle.Unfortunately, often times the effects destroy families.  
"New" News about Narcan will be shared. We will share information about our Thrift Store . A  link to  where Local Meetings and Events are happening will also be available.

Personally, losing my son David to Addiction, on July 26, 2015, is by far the most painful experience I have endured in my lifetime. . . We are a small  town in Tenessee reaching out with open arms to embrace this Out of Control Epidemic. We are building our web-site, as I re-build my life after having lost one of my sons. This journey is painful, don't go it alone. I care. Collectively let's support each other-giving each other daily strength.Feed back and input is always welcome and appreciated.

Rhonda Coffey
Founder of The Addicts Family